The Wedding Season: 5 things your business should be prepared for

A wedding is a beautiful thing. The union is celebrated around the world with a lot of planning and hard work, especially in India where a wedding is a tradition. And planning a wedding is no less than a rollercoaster ride. From shopping, catering, venues, guest list, invitation cards including tons of phone calls with proper budgeting is required and most important of all, living the moment. That is why planning a wedding is just like cracking a million-dollar deal.

Every business associated with a wedding can find itself in a mix of things. From organizing to delivering high standards, everything needs to be in place at the right time. Nowadays, weddings include everything, all kinds of activities. But there are a lot of challenges faced during the hectic wedding season that can hamper your business. So, how can your business tackle the myriad of challenges and issues?

Here are five tips on handling such situations.

Deal with last-minute cancellations

As a business, the utmost priority must be to create a strategy to minimize last-minute cancellations. Setting up a reminder strategy or assigning someone to communicate with the customer. You can mention a clause in the contract or a non-refundable policy to avoid monetary losses. Handling the situation with care and grace is a standard requirement in this case.

Complimentary offers

Leave some discounts, offers, and additional complimentary offers for the client. There will be instances where the client will demand numerous things and your business must be able to tackle the situation to meet the client’s demands. To make it a success, calculate the revenue beforehand, and have a margin to support your client’s demands.

Take advance payments

Know your skill and be confident. Create a trust bubble and make sure you get the payment upfront. If not the whole amount, try to get 50% of the payment and try to use the digital payment method. It is secure and money gets transferred in no time. They usually have encryption and do not touch-sensitive data.

Redoing Orders

Order Management is an important task. Every business must ensure delivering high-quality products. But there are instances where last-minute changes happen to the orders and businesses failing to deliver those demands lose customer’s credibility. To manage, revision orders is the most efficient way to reduce the problem.

Payment Modes

Making the payment is a day-to-day task. And we must ensure it is safe and secure. There are various modes of payment via money that can be transferred. For a small business, cash flow is necessary to run the day-to-day activities. For large payments, a money transfer is a good option. It is fast and hassle free.


The wedding season is long and tiring. A business must be able to soak all the pressure from the customers and make it big. Addressing the perception of the client and chasing the only goal of customer satisfaction. The above tips will help you to counter such problems and make it a success. So, get ready for another season of spreading happiness.