Is Mediatek Processor Good For Gaming?

3 min readOct 19, 2021


Gaming has come a long way. There was a time when cellphones used to have basic games but, now things have changed. Now, most users consider gaming as a top priority. The latest reports reveal that mobile gaming will surpass console/PC games in the next five years.

Now, to offer advanced gaming graphics and stability, chipset manufacturer plays a massive role. Mediatek is the only company that introduced chipsets specifically for gaming with the launch of the Helio G series.

The premium 4G chipsets with MediaTek HyperEngine Gaming Technology ensure that your experience is beyond normalcy. What Mediatek did well was the segmentation of these chipsets concerning the cost. As of now, there are numerous gaming chipsets available in the market that come with the brand name Mediatek.

These chipsets allow users to experience a top-class gaming experience. And the prime example of this is the launch of the G95 series. The new G95 features two high-performance Cortex-A76 cores and six efficient A-55 cores. It has led to an increase of 5% in performance. The graphics unit is a Mali-G76, which has a frequency of up to 900 MHz, which is 100 MHz higher than the G90 and will perform better in video games.

The gaming chipsets also feature integrated Voice Wakeup (VoW), enhanced multi-camera shooting, and faster overall performance, in addition to HyperEngine mobile gaming advancements. It clearly shows how Mediatek has been able to step up the game.

The futuristic 5G chipsets go by the series of Dimensity processors also ensure breathtaking gaming performance. In fact, the latest Dimensity 1200 has gone viral with its specifications. Ray tracing is now possible in mobile games thanks to the new PQ Engine 3.0. If your favorite game uses ray tracing, the MediaTek Dimensity 1200 will give you realistic shadows and reflections while playing.

Also, it supports 168Hz high refresh displays. It means that gaming will be ultra-smooth on the device without any hiatus. With all these breathtaking advancements, the Mediatek chipsets have taken a solid grip on the market. I don’t think companies like Qualcomm can now match the pace of Mediatek, for real. The Taiwanese fabless semiconductor company is now the champion by a fair margin.

And the good thing is that the company is introducing chipsets at a higher pace than ever. So, it gives a minimum chance for its competitors to gain momentum. To conclude, Mediatek is the future of mobile gaming. And you will see a lot more from the company in the future that will take the experience to a whole new dimension.