Is Mediatek A Good Processor?

“Whatever you do, good or bad, people will always have something negative to say.” Let us say that Mediatek is the victim of this phenomenon. But today, we will talk about how the Taiwan-based chipmaker has turned things around, how Mediatek is changing the world of chipsets with intricate technology, flawless innovation, and cost-efficiency.

A processor is the life of the party in a smartphone. Without a powerful chip, a smartphone fails to mark its presence on a user’s mind. Here are some of the ways that the processor in your smartphone helps you power through your everyday tasks:

  • Capture Stunning Photos and Videos
  • AI Processes
  • provides power with efficiency

So, a chipset must possess these features. What Mediatek does best is that, while integrating these advanced features, it keeps the price low. It has turned the game in their favour. Mediatek processors are generally cheap and sit in the low-cost to mid-range smartphones. Companies like Realme, Xiaomi, and Vivo took advantage of it and filled a smartphone with the Mediatek chips in every sector.

In some scenarios, chipsets from Mediatek have outperformed Snapdragon. The introduction of the G series led to a revolution in mobile gaming. As more and more high graphic games are becoming popular, the Helio G series offers the same, at a low price. So, that makes Mediatek the king of the low-range segment.

To expand its kingdom, Mediatek introduced 5G chipsets by the name of Dimensity. Headlining the series is the flagship 6nm MediaTek Dimensity 1200 chipset. It offers unruly performance with its ultra-powerful 3GHz CPU. This kind of raw power enables phone manufacturers to deliver anything from top-tier gaming experiences to exceptional day-to-day performance.

To make the 5G technology competitive, we also have the Dimensity 800, 900 and 700 series. The motive is to make the game far away from Snapdragon, which is working fine. Even these mid-range chipsets have capabilities such as up to 90Hz display, noise reduction features, enhanced low-lighting camera specifications, and an optimised battery section.

We all have different opinions but, it is easy to say why Mediatek has done so well in the past years and continue to do so. Indian market is all about the low-range to mid-range, and Mediatek has captured it flawlessly. With advanced features, the chipsets do the work of a high-end chip with ease.

To Sum it Up, For both Performance and affordable price (Value for Money) — Mediatek is the one.