A Difficult Start For Messi At PSG

After joining PSG, Messi appears to no longer be the world’s top football player. On FIFA 22, the highest-rated player is behaving like a lost soul in the center of the park. Last night, PSG faced Manchester City, who easily defeated them. Messi had become accustomed to being the alpha male throughout his time at Barcelona. After more than two decades with the club, he was unbeatable. Even though the Catalan team has deteriorated, his standing has not changed.

Things won’t be that simple at PSG, however. The French side plays a different formation than Barcelona. Here, the talisman is told to be the front runner while midfielders toss the ball around. Messi is an exceptional case. He likes the ball at his feet and drives through the defense, which is no longer the game plan here.

His liking would have suited the style of Manchester City. His former coach Pep would have gotten the best out of him for sure. He is an in-depth coach with a lot of versatility. However, at PSG, he would need to get along with his players and coach otherwise it would be a difficult season for him.

The PSG coach stated after the match, “These are decisions made for the team and everyone knows we have many great players. We have to make these decisions.

For me, he must keep his head high and just play rather than give looks to the manager. I know it is a tough task being the best footballer on the planet but, it is what it is.

Ronaldo is on a scoring spree and, soon he will overcome him to be at the top again. Ps: He has been playing in the Premier League, which is 10x more challenging than Ligue 1.